Friday, July 21, 2006

Mystery Stole progress

Before I get into clue three of the Mystery Stole, which was posted this morning - I thought I'd share how clues one and two came out for me. This shawl is knit from the middle out - clue one back to back with a provisional cast-on down the middle, and then clue two added to the ends of clue one, and so forth.

This isn't stretched or even smoothed out - just flung on the kitchen floor for a quick shot.

Most people are using Zephyr or Knit Picks lace weight yarn. I'm using Kidsilk Haze in the color "Night" (a deep navy) on 4's . A fool rushes in! Just writing about almost-black mohair and lace in the same sentence ought to have me hollering for smelling salts, or maybe a scotch. Also, my stole is coming out GIGANTIC compared to the MS2 shawls of two friends, whose versions I got to take a peek at during Monday's knitting get-together. It feels big and lumbering and gangly next to its two dainty cousins. I *think* I really like it very much, though, but I suppose I won't know for sure until after the blocking.

I have the impression from the MS2 group site that there will be no edging on this stole, but I think that if I have yarn enough, and I'm not sick-sick-sick of it by the time I get that far, that I'll add a small edging to it. It might need a little something.

This shawl is one I'd knit again. Eventually. After the fifty others waiting in the queue!

Also, Mr. E, our new cat with Cushing's disease, is getting stronger. He's jumping on and off of DD's bed, which would have been impossible two weeks ago - he could hardly stand up then. Plus, he's growing a little hair on his face, so he looks more like a cat and less like a monkey. He's really a very handsome guy. New pictures soon.


Bonne Marie said...

OMG - Jessica - I just saw this on another site and was thinking how FABULOUS it would look in some lace weight alpaca/silk I have in BLACK!

Yours is speechlessly beautiful, my friend... Hugs...

Opal said...

Oh how gorgeous! So far yours is just about the most gorgeous I've seen. The black really sets off the design.