Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hat trick!

Dear Daughter was a few rows into the brim of her new felted hat pattern when we went to a gathering of knitters yesterday. Well, she hasn't stopped since! She knit and knit today, learning how to make one, ssk, and use doublepoints in the process. How far did she get?

Look at this!

The entire hat, unfelted!

She used Plymouth Galway (Fiber Trends pattern), with some eyelash trim for the hatband.

Was it enough that she knitted nearly the entire hat in one day?

She also felted it, another skill she learned today. I'm so proud of her!

Now she's casting on for matching fingerless mittens...

I also scored big at the knitting gathering of friends yesterday. I had long admired the work of Birgit, a wonderous knitter, spinner and teacher in our community.

I had also long regretted not buying a hat and scarf set that Birgit had made for sale. "I'm a knitter", I thought to myself. "I should be able to make a set of my own pretty much like that ." Months went by, and I kept thinking about that set.

It began to dawn on me that it's perfectly okay to buy the work of another artist, even though one dabbles in paint oneself. Lesson learned.

Then recently I found out that Birgit's beautiful set was still for sale! Lucky me - something that I long admired and missed was meant to be mine after all! Hats off to you, Birgit, and thank you.

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e's knitting and spinning blog said...

D's hat is too cute on her!! She must be very proud. I can't believe she learned everything so quickly!! Go D!!!!!