Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Spin Cycle

Well, the Medical Folks won't tell me how long I must wear the sado-splint, but my hand is doing better each day. Typing is hard still - all with my left hand - and I am unable to knit at all.

But I can spin! I'm limited to a half hour at a time and it has to be easy stuff with light tension. I make it a reward for doing the difficult physical therapy every few hours.

Here's some sumptuous alpaca I've been working on the past few days, which I bought at Greencastle last year. I wish I had a lot more of it.

And remember this? (Of course not! It's been a while!) I bought it last August at Michigan Fiber Festival. I spun most of it at the Lindenwood Spinning Retreat (see the post on the retreat below). The finished yarn is pretty darn rustic. Frankly, I think it looked nicer in it's raw potential than my clumsy finished product, but I'm happy enough with it to be designing a jacket for it (sideways, shawl collar). I'm grateful to my very DH, who set the twist for me and learned how to twist skeins today.

Just hope I can knit it sometime soon!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Knitters aren't the only group making stitches. So is my hand surgeon! Here's why posting is going to be a little slow around here.
Typing is awkward, like trying to learn how to knit backwards. Can't knit at all (aaarrrggghhhh!), but maybe I'll be able to spin in a few days.
More when I'm able.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spinning Retreat

A whole week has gone by, and I still haven't raved about the spinning retreat.

Clickety-Clack Ewe joined some old friends and a lot of new ones at Lindenwood for a gloriuos weekend of just spinning. This was spinning with no chores. There was no housework to do, no teenage children to fret over or ferry around, and no meal preparation. DH took care of all of that, bless his generous heart!

There were about thirty wonderful women there. We ate all our meals together in the convent's lower level , but otherwise all our waking hours were spent spinning and talking together. Bed was when we felt like it - for some, that was close to midnight.

Many brought food to share, so there was some serious diet-busting snacking going on. (Leave it to me to take a picture of the food!)
Naturally there was fiber to buy, too. See that bag front and center of the picture marked "Desert Sundown?" It's mine!
I had waaaaay more pictures, but I didn't bring fresh batteries, so they aren't useable. Otherwise, you could see that I got to sit next to my friend Elizabeth M the entire weekend, and was happy to see my friends Charlotte, Peggy and Susan. I really wish all my other Frog Pond Fiber Arts spinning friends could have been there, too.