Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mr. E

Here's an update on Mr. E. A trip to the vet brought good news: blood tests confirmed that the new medicine is working well to contain his Cushing's Disease .

He's looking much better. Honestly! Check this out from a month ago.

The bad news: Now they tell us he also has Diabetes. In addition to two pills he must endure every morning, I must now give Mr. E an insulin shot. He doesn't mind the shot too much, but he is definitely less than thrilled with prescription cat food. Neither am I - it's expensive!

When Mr. E showed up on our doorstep about two months ago, he was a very sick kitty. In addition to (and because of) the Cushing's, he was ravenous, weak and shaky. He had blood in his urine, an eye infection, mange, a bloody and infected front paw, and weighed just over 5 pounds. A lot of his hair had fallen out. He could barely step into a litter box.

But he's a very happy cat these days. He's put on a little weight, some of his hair is growing back, his eye has improved, most of the infections are taken care of, and he has some spring in his step. He's even jumping onto DD's bed! He's getting lots of food and attention (to the dismay of the other cats). I think Mr. E is quite aware that without all the indignities, of the vet and the shots and the pills, he wouldn't be on the planet.


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Wow! Mr E looks sooo much better. Kudos on doing such a good job with him.

Barbara said...

Ditto what becky in iowa said. Huge improvement! He's looking soooo much healthier.

Lisa S said...

Good loooooooooord, Miss Thang. You are quite the rescuer, aren't you. He came to the right door, showing up like that. My goodness! DD and Mr. E...lucky lucky lucky. Of course, after meeting you and talking to you in Michigan...I am not surprised. You are a good mama.

PCmom said...

Bless your heart. Thanks for taking care of Mr. E. Such a big improvement!

Opal said...

Mr. E is looking better! I'm glad he's so much happier.