Sunday, July 23, 2006

Convergence Loot

Well, it's about time I got around to showing this great haul! It's been weeks since I've returned from Covergence - a day trip to Grand Rapids with three great fellow guild members, Vicki, Suzanne and Birgit. I managed to walk miles to buy all this lovely stuff, despite the fact that I was still hobbling around in one of those fabulous orthopedic shoes (three weeks after foot surgery). I figured scotch and ice in the two obvious places would resolve any residual pain from all that hoofing. (I was right, too!)

I've already filed the the two pattenrs away, but here's the other loot.
From Lisa Souza's booth, from left:
Two skeins of merino sock yarn, the first color is "Mardi Gras" and the second is "Wild Things"; and
beautiful "Fatima", two skeins in "Oil Slick".
There is a shawl stick pin in there, too, from Lisa's booth.

From Habu, six tiny skeins of silk/mohair and a bag of gold cocoons for spinning. That shimmery gold is the natural color for those puppies! They probably won't get spun so soon, because I'm enjoying looking at them so much in their current state.

From Oak Grove Studio, a giant skein of boucle' for a sideways-knit sweater...

which is clearly Garbo's fave. It's going to be a cat bed if I don't stash it post-haste.

This is "Rick Rack II" from Interlacements, which - IMO - is gorgeous, and the only thing I bought without a potential project in mind. It's over 1400 yards - a cinch for yet another shawl. Like the cocoons, though, I'm getting a lot of pleasure in just looking at it, for now.

And the teeny skein below is 20/2 silk, 450 yards, from Redfish, which is slated for a smoke ring.

Quite a haul, dont you think? Cranking up the needles...


Opal said...

Drool. Drool. Drool. Oh yes, did I also metion drool?

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Oh Yummy! It all looks so beautiful:-)

Liz M. said...

Jess, just wonderful! I CANNOT buy anymore yarn!!!!!! But what do I do? Buy more... :) ha, ha, ha. Sorry for the delay in response, my basement sprung a HUGE leak, and we've done nothing but mop and sop for days.... back to work! Stop in and leave me a message sometime...