Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Stash

Since DD took over my office upstairs, I had to carve out another spot in the basement for fiber adventures. Formerly known as the "Freezer Room", this space is hereby dubbed "The Studio" (w/freezer).

The Stash is semi-neatly tucked into wine storage crates at the back of my sewing table. There's room on top for some magazine cases for all those back issues and catalogs, plus a Hanne Falkenburg sweater kit (I really have to get that OTN!), and some cones for lace knitting.

It still needs some serious tweaking (color arrangement, mainly), but I can again see all my yarn.

And here are the books. I used to have them arranged alphabetically by author, but it drove me nuts because I can't always remember my own phone number, let alone the author of that book with a pattern that think I remember, but I'm not sure was even in a book.

So now they are stuffed in the bookcase by these preliminary categories: Reference, General Patterns including Sweaters, Not (sweaters), Kids, Lace, Felting, Reads (knitting related literature), Other Than (weaving, crochet). None are arranged within categories (by title or author, or hats and then mittens and then socks), and they may never get more organized than that. I'd rather use the time knitting...


tonni said...

Ohhhh my... I just commented about getting my patterns in order as I have knitting things spread out all over the house! Love the use of the wine crates... what did you do with all the wine? :)

Jess said...

....hic - !

Opal said...

what a gorgeous new fiber space! oh i languish in green jealousy. ;-)