Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lisa's gorgeous yarn

I got a package this morning from Lisa Souza, with four skeins of beautiful yarn. I met Lisa at Convergence earlier this year, where I discovered that she and her husband grew up in the same city in California. She is a gem, warm and lively, and I am red-faced to tell you yhat I proceeded to tell her my life story. Even after suffering that, she STILL sends me yarn!

This is special stuff. Not only is it a treat for the senses, the Fatima (the two rayon/cotton multi skeins) were dyed especially for me on Tuesday. How's that for making a person feel privileged? The Garnet and Peacock "Sock!" Merino really are for socks this time. My friend Opal, the famous
Akamai Knitter, has been making socks lately and has inspired me to get a pair or two on the dpns. I have lots of appointments coming up in the next few weeks, and it's always good to have those portable waiting-room projects stashed around under vehicle seats and glove boxes, and in one's handbag, too.

I did haul my sideways sweater project to report for jury duty this week. Happy to have it pass the guards at the entrance to the courthouse, I reported to a windowless room in the basement ringed with pews. Not a single other person in the 40-odd person cattle call had brought something to do or read. All eyes during our loooong wait seemed focused on my Addi's as I plugged away at the sweater. I discovered that Addi's are pretty loud in the utter silence of that dismal waiting room. Even when we were ushered in groups to conference rooms stacked with reading material, everybody just sat and stared at the Addi's. Odd, don't you think?

BTW, I would happily have served as a juror. I am told that I'm a bit of a rarity, like those who really like to eat liver or don't mind the smell of skunk (at a distance). I consider it an honorable duty of citizenship rather than a PITA, and was disappointed to have been dismissed. Turns out that the defendant was being tried for identity theft, and I was a victim of that crime a few years back. Or maybe they just didn't like the knitting...


Opal said...

So which sock are you working on? Didn't you get stage fright from knitting in front of all those people? I get terribly nervous when people watch me knit.

MUD said...

I was on jury duty a few years ago, and it was kind of a fascinating experience -- but a lot of waiting and moving in and out of the courtroom.

I'll email you later about coffee!

tute said...
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