Monday, August 21, 2006

Michigan Fiber Festival

Has it been THAT long since I posted? Yikes! We have been a very busy household during the past few weeks. I've been getting DD ready for her new school school and tending to Mr. E, among a gazillion other things.

I did get a break this weekend. I got to go to the Michigan Fiber Fest in Allegan both Saturday and Sunday! Saturday was rainy and then turned hot and muggy, plus it was so crowded for most of the day that some booths were impossible to explore. Sunday, however, turned out to be perfect. The weather was gorgeous, and it was not nearly as packed. Merchandise was still as plentiful, too, so I needn't have crammed my serious shopping into Saturday. I have all the fiber I can spin now until Greencastle in the early Spring of next year.

Did I remember to bring the camera? Of course not. Not on either day. But then, when I had the gumption to bring it to Greencastle last spring, I was so absorbed by looking at everything that I forgot to take a single shot. This was worse, because a lot of my guild friends were there, and it would have been nice to have some shots of them enjoying themselves. I can share only what I brought home. I cropped shots pretty closely, because I imagine that you're sick of seeing my kitchen counter.

Not having a great local yarn shop nearby, I tend to go wild during these events. I bought some gorgeous fiber, and I bought a few skeins, too, as if I didn't already have enough lace yarn. Be glad you don't have smell-a-vision. The skein with yak smells like the south end of one - something I didn't notice until after I got home. A friend called it "earthy" and another said it smelled like moth repellant. Hey - If I were a moth, I certainly wouldn't go near it, either. Peee-yoo!

I also came home with a woven jacket on Saturday. On Sunday, I found a lonely skein of Suri Alpaca for a steal that I thought might go. I'm elated (and just short of smug) with such a great match!

Note to self - next time, remember to bring the camera - and lunch. Food inside the gates is, to put it politely, limited.

Top photo: Roving, Romney/tencel from Annie Jackson of Annie's Fiber Expressions
2nd Photo: Roving, wool/mohair/llama from Tintagel Farm
3rd photo: 4 colors - silk hankies to spin
4th photo: Picked gray Romney, overdyed
5th photo: Lace yarns. Pink skein of merino/silk; center skein of yak/silk; bottom skein of cashmere.
6th photo: woven jacket with serendipituous Suri alpaca skein. (Two great finds - one not-so-great-photo.)

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MUD said...

I love how much fiber you bought! I was there, too -- on Saturday only, though. I got there really early so I didn't mind the crowds later in the day as I'd already crammed all my shopping in and just wandered and enjoyed. Are you going to the Wisconsin Fiber Fest?