Sunday, July 01, 2007


Okay, okay. I have a gazillion projects lined up, and one languishing on the needles (Jazz). What cut the queue this time?

Mystery Stole 3, that's what!

At least I haven't bought new yarn. I got mine from the basement stash, some lovely Zephyr wool/silk in "Steel". Now I did have to buy a smaller crochet hook (size 12), and a bunch of beads, which haven't arrived yet. But meanwhile, I printed out all the info and dutifully swatched:

Well, to be truthful, it wasn't exactly dutiful - I just wanted to knit. The top piece is on size 3 needles, and the bottom one (the one of choice) is on size 4's. Amazing what a quarter of a millimeter makes, isn't it?

No fewer than seven members of my local group, Frog Pond Fiber Arts, have joined so far. It's positively contageous. If you have the bug to sign up, you'll have to do it post-haste: MS3 closes to new members on July 6.


Opal said...

i'm a lemming. i joined this year too, but i'm having a blast! :-)

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I'm glad to see someone else sucked into the lace spiderweb. hehe I just finished clue 1 a few minutes ago. Just have to edit the pictures so iI can upload them.

Love the color you chose.

Romi said...

I want to do it too! But I have sooooo much to do. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe I'll go get my cone of black zephyr. Hee.

Sarah said...

I like the bigger swatch! But there are far too many shawls I want to make that I know what they look like to hop onto the mystery stole just yet. Keep tempting me though, that looks great.

Bonne Marie said...

WOW! That silly little 1/4 of a mm sure does make a difference. Don't ask how I know ;p