Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nothin' but knit

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Yaaaaaay! DH is out of the hospital again, and my beads *finally* arrived on July 5. Had to jump right in on the MS3 of course, so here's the dark Zephyr through Clue 2. Can't see the beads, but I assure you, they're there, and IMO, it was worth the wait.
My current official guess (subject to change, of course) for the theme of Mystery Stole 3 is the legend of the Egyptian goddess Neith. I swear that the motif within the "pyramid" end of the stole is a scarab, and the edging represents the Nile. (That is, until my next guess!)
Neith is a goddess of the sky, mother of night and day, and the goddess of weaving and arts domestic (did they call it knitting then?). She is also associated with war. MS3 designer Melanie hinted that this would not be a good theme for a wedding. Althogh a wedding is never associated with war (or dung beetles), it is sometimes associated with marriage...


MUDNYC said...

I like the smoky color, Jess. Glad you got Al back, hopefully it's for good this time!

Opal said...

I'm so glad you're DH is back home! Your MS3 looks fabulous. I love your theme guess. So far I've refrained from making any guesses, but I've loved hearing others take shot at it.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Excuse me while I go in the corner and shed a tear and whine.

I just this Friday started a new job working 12 hr shifts on the weekends. Which means that although I downloaded the 2nd clue Friday, I haven't knit on it yet.

I swore that even if I read the digests I wouldn't go look at anyones pictures until I had knit the clue.

And there I go and click on your name on my bloglines and what do I see????????? wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaa lmao

It's beautiful and I love the color. But I'm still going to go in the corner and whine because my left hand is too sore to knit. I can barely type at all. And I have a big ole sore on my thumb. whimper I won't mention the other sores that are makin it hard to sit. LOL Just imagine working for 12 hours in a tent with 96 degree weather.

Anonymous said...

So glad your beads arrived. That shawl is looking bee-yoo-tiful so far!

Sarah said...

Wow, that looks like a really different color from the first post. It is coming out beautiful, though.

Jess said...

Thanks, Michelle and Opal and Del!

Opal and Sarah, I know you're in. Michelle and Del, what about it? Becky, I know you'll start soon!

Sarah, it is indeed a different color. I'm doing a dark version AND a light version. (Yep, I'm certifiable. But it's fun!)

Romi said...

Oooooooh. So pretty!