Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nova Scotia, Part 3 - Nirvana at Baddeck

On our last full day in Canada, I still had in mind that I wanted some Fleece Artist fiber to bring back with me. The Fleece Artist is based in Halifax, and would be a perfect souvenir. Goodness knows I already had wool from NS (see post below), but I had my heart set.

The odds were slim, though. After having visited Moraff's, there was only one other not-so-LYS to visit. Baadeck Yarns was more than an hour away over icy mountain roads. DH wrapped up business in the early afternoon, so we bravely piled in the car. We both wanted to see the countryside whether the shop turned out to be a disappointment or not (or closed).

WELL! Let me tell you! I was overwhelmed and I can't help gushing. I believe that Baadeck Yarns is about the best yarn shop I've ever seen. Even my long-suffering shop-worn DH remarked that it was the best yarn shop he had been in. He took these pictures while I was in that fiber trance.

Owner Patricia Fields showed me her ROOM full of Fleece Artist yarns and roving. The Fleece Artist dyes fiber especially for Baadeck Yarns with colors that reflect the local surrounding sea and landscapes. Howzat for a perfect souvenir?

I brought home BFL roving in wonderful Cape Breton colors for myself and for friends, skeins of sock yarn, Scotia Silk, Merino and Peter Rabbit from Fleece Artist. DH picked out some soft gray Regia silk for socks. I couldn't resist some Louisa Harding "Impression" for fingerless gloves. And yes, I managed to get ALL of it in my suitcase. When I get it all knit, I'm calling Patricia for reinforcement.

Like an exquisite meal, Baddeck Yarns shop is not about quantity, but rather quality (not necessarily expensive, either), and sublime taste. If I were stranded on a desert island and could have only one yarn shop, Dear Knitterati, Baadeck Yarns would be it.

It was heaven.


Anonymous said...

It looks like heaven! Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous shop. And such nice photos of your trip!

Vicki said...

I really love the Fleece Artist merino sliver you brought back for me. It's spun up but waiting for something to ply it with. It will be knit into something special for me! Thanks for thinking of me when you were at this shop! Hugs, Vicki

Opal said...

Wow! That does look like heaven and it sounds like heaven too. *swoon*

MUDNYC said...

Your description of Baadeck made me smile, I could tell you were really enjoying yourself. The pics of the shop remind me of the Morehouse Merino store in NY.

I can't wait to spin the FA stuff...but that is for when my hands are more skilled!

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Your whole series on Nova Scotia was really great Jess! The shop is too amazing, down to the lighting! I have spun up my BFL and have started knitting it. It is looking so beautiful. The colors are very pretty.

Kristine said...

wow- has anyone ever told you that you're an amazing story teller? The pictures don't hurt either!

Sarah said...

There are not words to describe my jealousy.