Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just Chillin'??

Nope! Clickety-Clack Ewe has been absent from the blog for several months, but certainly not idle. I do wish I had written sooner, but there hasn't been time!
There were the winter holidays, of course, which was a whirlwind of preparations and travel.

We also have been busy beginning a new group here in Michiana for fiber artists of many stripes, named "Frog Pond Fiber Arts". Mainly, our group is knitters and spinners. We also welcome crocheters, hand-felters, weavers, dyers, and fiber growers. We are warm and informal, and we're having a lot of fun at our monthly meetings.

This weekend, we're having a Frog Pond Fiber Frolic at my house. We'll have food drink and merriment, and door prizes, too, plus knitting and spinning videos to watch. I'm a little nervous about it - I've never hosted a gathering other than family at my house before. Then again, the knitters and spinners of this group are family....
And guess who needs to clean the house for this event?!? I'm off to dig out the feather duster...

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carol h said...

Jess, didn't read this til I got home so I had no clue you were stressed re: this event today. It was WONDERFUL for me, relaxed, friendly people and you are a welcoming hostess with a very warm home. Thanks so much :-)