Sunday, September 24, 2006

Two down

At our knitting meeting at the coffee shop on Wednesday, Elizabeth brought her gorgeous sweater made from her own handspun. I am in awe! It is breathtaking on her - she modeled it for us. I would love to be that talented a spinner and knitter. We were also joined at Bella Vita by Birgit, Carol, Margel, and Mary. It was a lovely night. I really enjoy being in the company of these women.

Elizabeth also brought her Mystery Stole 2, which inspired me to finally block mine. This one is of knit of navy-almost-black KSH ("Night") with a US 4. It turned out pretty large - seven feet long and nearly two feet wide. I couldn't figure out how to photograph it well. After having draped it on a chair and not getting a picture that showed it well, I dusted off the old raggedy dress form. This shot isn't any great shakes, either, what with the old white T-shirt and the bad lighting in the basement, but at least you can see it (sort of).

I finished the Lacey Shrug, too, (pattern from Lisa Souza) but have not been able to get DD to stand still for a few minutes to model it. I draped it on the dress form, too, with the same lousy T-shirt and bad lighting, and took some shots to at least show you the idea. Looks better on her, I promise! When I can nail the kid down, I'll take better pics for Lisa and Brenda Patipa who is the pattern's designer. I've ordered more yarn (different colorway) - I want to eventually knit one for me, too. I shall promise DD that I won't wear it at the same time or place as she wears hers.


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

You're making me want to cast on for the stole finally. I may have to give in one of these days. hehe

Both the stole and the shrug are lovely. You do great work.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Oh Jessica the ksh mystery shawl is just gorgeous! Light airy and warm what a perfect shawl!!!

The stole is just such a beautifully knit piece!

Opal said...

Jess, the Mystery Stole is gorgeous. So is your Shrug! Absolutely gorgeous!