Sunday, September 17, 2006

Button, button...

I found the dang buttons! Where, might you ask?

In my dang button box, that's where. I didn't think I actually put them away where they belonged, because (a) I was knitting the sweater so I expected to use them relatively soon, and (b) I'm not that efficient.

I did actually have a cursory look in the button box a few days ago when the earnest search for them began, but they were in a little plastic sleeve and they'd slid from the top of the button pile.

Now they're sewed onto the front of my sweater (can't see 'em in this photo - oh well - ) and I truly have a Finished Object! It's warm and cozy and smells of lavender Eucalan. I blocked the sleeves a little too long, but I'm prone to doing that after years of the bracelet-sleeve look in store-bought tops because of my long monkey arms.

Good thing it's done, too. The temperature is going to drop like a rock in the next few days. The Sideways Sweater - just right for a walk in the neighborhood, or raking leaves (there will be a whole lot of them soon) or an emergency trip to the store for milk for the morning coffee.


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Woo Hoo! It may be cool enough to wear Weds!

MUD said...

Looks great on you and those buttons match perfectly!

Opal said...

Groovy buttons! They look mahvelous on that sweater!