Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Its the little things.

It's high time that I started a baby jacket for the new kid on the block. My neighbor had Baby L last spring, and I've kept putting off making something for him because, well, it was summer, and, selfishly, lace was a more appetizing knit. I haven't given up on lace projects, but the kid should have a jacket before he gets old enough (a) to refuse to wear it, or (b) gets big enough that the acerage seems too much work.

So here it is: a wee start, begun last Wednesday evening from a nice washable DK wool, and not knitted at much since. This is the ribbing for the back of the sweater. I've been wasting time charting the aran cable design, when I should just be knitting the darn thing so the kid has a chance to wear it while it's still nippy outside.

Here's the rub: there is some trepidation here. I knit two of these sweaters for twin nephews in the one-year-old size, but I had only been knitting for a few months when I completed those. They were so large that the twins still wore them at five years old (a bit of the bolero look by then). I don't know if my gauge was that off then, but the pattern is really, really, huge.

The pattern's smallest size is written for a one-year-old with a 28-1/4 inch circumference. Now Baby L is only 7 months old, and I don't know from babies, but he appears to be a BIG baby. So far, so good. He can grow into it, right?

But here's the math. The pattern calls for the back at 118 stitches - at a gauge of 22sts/4 in. If my calculations are correct, this makes the back 21-1/2 inches - or a 43 inch circumference. Deducting a full 20% for the compression in an aran pattern, that puts the circumference at 34-1/2 inches. That, dear Knitterati, is still a helluva lot of ease.

Here's the question: Do I slog along, knitting a w-i-i-i-d-e sweater? Do babies need that 6-inch wiggle room? Or do I mess with redesigning the pattern for pattern with say, a 32-inch circumference? Comments, please...
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Opal said...

I wish I could help but child knitting is totally alien to me. Good luck with it!

MUD said...

How about you just downsize by 30%? I always kind of fudge it on baby stuff, figuring that either a. eventually the baby will grow into it or b. eventually another, smaller baby will be born who can be gifted with it!