Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Posting has been a bit slow (already!) because we have a new member of the family who is demanding a lot of attention.

Mr. E showed up in our back yard last week, starving, shaky, and frightfully skinny. He fled when he saw us, but the prospect of food soon overwhelmed him.

Finally, we were able to gently bring him in. We took him to the veteranerian right away, although we feared that we were too late to save Mr. E.

Mr. E is a cat with a large frame, but he only weighed 5 pounds. But believe it or not, the vet gave us encouraging news.

Mr. E has an internal infection and bad teeth in addition to the obvious starvation and skin issues, but has no other apparent major health problems. We'll know more when the doctor looks a little further during his next examination.

Mr. E is quarantined in our basement sewing room for now, which he clearly dislikes. We have other cats, but Mr. E isn't healthy enough to join the rest of the population yet.

He has been devouring about a pound of high-calorie food a day. If my math is correct, it is the equivalent of a human eating about 25 pounds of food per day.
It's working - he's gained a whole pound! (Dontcha wish you could eat 25 pounds of cake a day only gain a pound a week?)

We have an appointment tomorrow, and we hope we will be able to report good progress for Mr. E. And maybe we'll be able to knit some, too.

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Barbara said...

Poor Mr. E. He's the worst I've seen in a long time. And I do see down on their luck or abused/malnourished/abandoned cats since I am a foster parent for the SPCA. Recently I kept housing female cats-kittens really-that came from a home of 40+ cats! They were all practically wild, missing large patches of fur because of major flea infestations... The man/owner only said he needed help because "things kind of got out of hand...". Imagine, of those cats, 8 males and the rest females, none spayed or neutered, reproducing at will!! And I don't even want to think about what that house smelled like!
Anyway, best wishes for Mr. E.