Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mr. E Update

They think they might have a name for what's ailing Mr. E - besides looking worse, if possible, from today's visit to the vet.

It's Cushing's Disease (or Syndrome). Apparently quite rare in cats, it is the effect of malfunctioning pituitary or adrenal glands. They tell us it is treatable, although a preliminary online search tells us that the prognosis is not so great - provided the animal survives surgery to remove any tumors. Treatment is going to be tricky. And expensive.

The vet took a skin biopsy, pulled a bunch of loose teeth, shaved off a lot of Mr. E's remaining hair, and sent Mr. E home with even more medication.

We are going to do our best for you, Mr. E.


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Oh poor Mr. E. I hope he starts to come around. That sounds like a lot for a little weak body but it seems that he has a strong spirit.

Barbara said...

He looks pitiful. Poor thing. I think he knows he's in loving hands or he probably wouldn't have lasted this long by the sounds of it. Thinking good thoughts for his recovery. :)

Jane said...

The poor baby.. Give him an extra ear scratch from the Mommy of three spoiled felines.. Never under estimate what good care and a lot of loving can do. My old boy was given 6 months at age 17½ because of terminal kidney failure. Thanks to a wonder vet and a stubborn personality, my sweet kitty came close to celebrating his 23rd birthday.